Dress by Inbal Dror. Earrings by Keren Wolf. All from White Toronto. Photo by Alvaro Goveia. Hair and makeup by Michelle Rosen. Styling by Tara Williams. Nails by Leeanne Colley, Tips Nail Bar/P1M.ca.

There is nothing subtle about this updo and we love the drama! Hair is fastened into a classic French roll and styled high in front creating what almost looks like a modern pompadour. Paired with a high collar and plunging neckline, this look is pure magic.

Photo via Getty Images.

Adele never makes a misstep on the red carpet and her retro-mod ‘do is no exception. Amp up the drama of the style with Adele’s signature makeup look: swoopy liner, big lashes and the perfect pink lip colour.

Photo by Heart & Sparrow.

If you prefer to keep your hair a little more organic looking, opt for a twisted updo that’s perfectly rolled and fastened at the nape of your neck. This style is easy to wear and fun to accessorize with delicate jeweled hairpins.

Photo by Mango Studios.

The trick to a perfect French roll like this one is having a stylist who’s mastered the technique—it’s a look that’s more detailed than it may appear. Have a few hair trials with your hairstylist to ensure the look is perfected pre-wedding day.

Photo via Getty Images.

Eva Longoria wore soft, tousled version of the twisted updo on the red carpet at Cannes this year. This style is a perfect match for a dress with a bare neckline. Complete the look with dramatic, jeweled earrings for a gorgeous glamour-girl vibe.